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Beautiful Baddeck

Came home Tuesday from a week in beautiful Baddeck, Cape Breton. I was teaching a four-day workshop on abstract painting. There were seventeen students, presenting a full spectrum of art experience and age. I brought along my teaching assistant — … Continue reading

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There has been so much talk lately about minimalism, paring down, purging, simplifying. I too bought a book on decluttering, organizing. When first reading it, I felt enormous anxiety. Get rid of my precious memories: photos, books, clothes! No way. … Continue reading

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Because of the Duck

(“Because of the Duck, no. 13″; 12″ x 12”; oil & collage on canvas) Because of the puppy and the fact that I will be teaching in Baddeck, Cape Breton for a week in September, I had to move my … Continue reading

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  According to Proust, “Artists are people who strip habit away and return life to its deserved glory.” I’ll go along with that! Definitely I’m very familiar with the stripping habit away part. When a painting feel too “easy”, too … Continue reading

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Got the blues

Lately, I’ve been struggling with blue. Again. I have several blue paintings on the go and each of them seems to have a different problem to solve. My main issue with blue is that it can be too pretty and … Continue reading

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Living the toreador

I love a challenge. Keeps me on my toes. Of course, painting is that, always. As well, I’ve been having a great time lately teaching. I’ve had three different places around the Province where I am or did teach recently. … Continue reading

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Starting again (and again)

I’ve often heard it is hard to work when you have an exhibit on. I’ve not experienced that before now. Usually when I have work up in a gallery, I am very critical of what I have done, see what … Continue reading

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