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Beautiful Baddeck

Came home Tuesday from a week in beautiful Baddeck, Cape Breton. I was teaching a four-day workshop on abstract painting. There were seventeen students, presenting a full spectrum of art experience and age. I brought along my teaching assistant — … Continue reading

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There has been so much talk lately about minimalism, paring down, purging, simplifying. I too bought a book on decluttering, organizing. When first reading it, I felt enormous anxiety. Get rid of my precious memories: photos, books, clothes! No way. … Continue reading

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  According to Proust, “Artists are people who strip habit away and return life to its deserved glory.” I’ll go along with that! Definitely I’m very familiar with the stripping habit away part. When a painting feel too “easy”, too … Continue reading

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You’ve heard of sound bites, right. Tidbits of sound. Well, I’m into painting bites. Tidbits of time to paint. It’s working though, doing some good work in the very tight time limitations I have now. Concentrated time; concentrating mind. When … Continue reading

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Happiness is . . .

Romeo and I went to Martinique Beach yesterday. Five kilometers of crescent white sand beach. It was his first visit to the ocean. He enjoyed the waves coming in and out on the shore, the sand, the pebbles, the people, … Continue reading

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How things work

There is a small room off the large gallery at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery. We decided to put small paintings in the small room and large paintings in the large room. It worked. The small room was intimate; the large … Continue reading

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What’s next

  I had an interesting experience while working this morning. I started talking to myself about my painting experience, why I work the way I do, what works, what I want to work on, change, expand, and such. I’ve been obsessing … Continue reading

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Direct Perception 2013

P1040289, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. Back home after four exhilarating, exhausting and productive days as one of three teachers at the Direct Perception Workshop in Tatamagouche. I’m glad to be home. Still, I have mixed emotions. I felt sad on … Continue reading

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Direct perception for a day

Ashburn Golf Course in April, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. Despite the snow and cold Friday night (after all, this is only April in Canada), enough people showed up for the one day workshop to make it a lively event. It … Continue reading

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