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Sitting it out

  Usually I’m not much for working sitting down, especially when I have some big paintings on the go. But for the past few days, it has been necessary. It’s that springtime energy blast that has put me in a … Continue reading

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This is what I do. No apologies.

Ashburn Golf Course, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. For the first time ever, I made a comment on an on-line group thread. Someone had asked about how to introduce yourself so people will take you seriously as an artist. Most of … Continue reading

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Raw intentions

Hubbards Beach, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. It’s been a marathon of painting for weeks recently. Now I can relax a little (for a day or so). Finally, yesterday, I had photos taken of recent work. Often during the process of … Continue reading

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Fun comes in all sizes

California Wine Dinner, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. To many people (who don’t paint), being an “artist” seems very romantic. Forgetting the struggles of getting the painting right, getting the money to buy the paint and other supplies, and money to … Continue reading

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At the Carleton

At the Carleton, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

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But they were out of hamburgers!

James Hill & Anne Janelle, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. I went to see/hear James Hill on the ukelele and Anne Janelle on the cello at the Carleton Sunday night. A strange mix of instruments but it worked. Beautifully. James Hill … Continue reading

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