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Girls just wanna have fun

After most of the people had left the opening reception, I fooled around for the camera in front of my paintings with expert photographer Aaron behind the lens.

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More photos from Denmark

To publicize the exhibition, the gallery made a banner for the front of the building. They had printed a copy of a painting of mine for the ground and then put the names of the artists on top of that. … Continue reading

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A beautiful thing to have such dreams

On another note, this has been on my mind (and in my draft box) for a few weeks. It’s about confidence. As an artist, it is important to have confidence in your work. If you express it, sometimes it can … Continue reading

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Some pictures from the exhibition

The opening reception at Galleri Saltum in Denmark was very successful. The work was well received and two large paintings sold right away. After that, several other people expressed interest in those two pieces. Even though innovation, originality and individuality … Continue reading

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An afternoon in Aarhus: Sculpture by the Sea

On Friday I took a quick bus/train trip down to Aarhus to meet Aaron and Joanne. They had spent two nights in Copenhagen. I hadn’t seen them since last Christmas in Ottawa. It was an unusual place to meet again, … Continue reading

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Beautiful Danish scenery

I find myself using the word beautiful so many times to describe Denmark. It definitely is beautiful. I stayed in a house that was formerly part of a large farm, just outside the town. It was, as I keep saying, … Continue reading

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Pix from beautiful Denmark

My first morning in Denmark, Thora, the gallery owner, took me to where they make cheese and butter. When my children were young, we used to make butter by putting heavy cream in a jar. They would shake it until … Continue reading

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Continental pleasures and confusions

When I was first waiting with Aaron at Heathrow airport for the bus to Exeter, I saw a car go by without a driver. Or so it seemed to me. Then I realized the driver was on the wrong side … Continue reading

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Use my sky

Use my sky. It might be slightly tarnished from previous times when I have walked across a cloud and slipped through, missed my cue, not understood the rules. You can use my sky: you can polish it by the way … Continue reading

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