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More thoughts on not thinking

Novels are usually about people’s lives. They take me into what other people experiences, feel, how they think and solve problems. When I paint, I want to stay away from stories that can be interpreted literally, but similar to the … Continue reading

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It’s Not at all about What You Think

Last Sunday I gave my “Artist’s Talk” at Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery. It went well, lots of good questions. Actually, I opened it up to questions almost immediately as it was more interesting for me and seemed so to … Continue reading

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The necessity of art

Yesterday morning, Steve Reich was talking about his music on CBC radio program q.  One powerful comment he made, loosely quoted, was that you, as the maker, need to be sure you have that emotional investment in what you do or … Continue reading

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Talking about art

My trip to Ottawa was great: the work is beautifully presented at the Orange Gallery, the opening reception well attended and enjoyable, met some interesting, lovely people, and wonderful to spend time with my son and his family. All good. … Continue reading

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April in Nova Scotia

I woke up to this! The weather from Ottawa followed me home. I don’t mind, I guess. It’s Sunday and I don’t have to do anything, not even going to go into my studio today. Time for a break, even … Continue reading

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April in Ottawa!

Bad joke! Up until today, the weather was cold but clear. I’ve had enough snow for a few years now. Not that I have much to say on the matter.  

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This must be Kansas

The reception was great, well attended, enjoyable. Several people I hadn’t seen in a while were there, some old students, old friends, new friends. Very satisfying. I don’t have good installation photos yet. They will come. The weather was something … Continue reading

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