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Too far; too soon

Wednesday, we started talking about what it means to go to far–in a painting. My answer was: often it is when you haven’t gone far enough. Certainly, sometimes the painting is good but we don’t stop and it feels ruined. … Continue reading

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Cure fear with fright

For years I have been a more or less faithful watcher of Coronation Street. I know it is a TV show, not real, yet I can get so involved in it, I start seeing the characters on the streets of … Continue reading

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It sticks

Somehow, we started talking about abstraction yesterday. Well, not unreasonable, as it is an abstract painting class. One student, Beth, said an abstract work reveals some kind of truth you didn’t know was there. That just about sums it up … Continue reading

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There’s Been a Terrible Mistake

Last week was the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax. The highlight for me was a short (forty minute) film, There’s Been a Terrible Mistake, portraying a comedic look at grief. And yes, it is a comedy about grief and it … Continue reading

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Burn Water

Blue skies from now, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. Sunday evening I went to a concert/dance performance that was on the grounds of the sculptor/blacksmith, John Little. As musicians played Little’s musical sculptures, dancers performed in the open spaces of the … Continue reading

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It’s a whole new world

All the way to the hospital yesterday morning, I felt like I wasn’t doing this: it was someone else and I was just in the car watching her. After all, I’m too young to need cataract surgery. Or–I think I … Continue reading

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Where do you start

Point Pleasant Park, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. Last week in my class, a student asked me what is abstract art. He wanted me to talk about it because he had never done it. This was his first experience in an … Continue reading

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