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The snow lays like cotton candy all around

We had a heavy snow last night. It’s cold and blowing. I can’t say I mind the weather. But after two beautiful warm sunny days, it is quite a contrast.  The January thaw is over.

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Unexpected pleasures

I’ve been restless lately, itching to start some new work but low on necessary supplies. I ordered a roll of canvas from the supply store at the Art College but it hasn’t come in yet. I ordered some more paint … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder if I die tomorrow, would I leave a decent body of work behind.  This is not a depressing thought, just a reality check.  I often wonder have I accomplished what would make my paintings memorable.  I think … Continue reading

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I went to see The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus yesterday.  The theme of the movie is, as the title suggests, the importance of imagination, its role in how you think and live.  It begins with a fetching idea: of storytelling … Continue reading

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Running over water

Sometimes I feel like Lila and Minnie, just want to run around on top of the lake, on the ice and snow, play all day. Sometimes it feels like that is what making art is, a chase, making the time … Continue reading

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Days away

I think I like to tease myself, set it up so I can’t paint for a few days so that when I do get to work, my enthusiasm is even greater. Yesterday was tai chi, lunch with Aaron and then … Continue reading

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The year of reading dangerously

I read a lot of good books last year, 2009.  I tried to write them down but think I missed a few.  Nevertheless, I’ll tell you about some of them. Gil Adamson: The Outlander. This was a bit too outrageous … Continue reading

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On New Year’s Day, my friend Yoko, some of her students and their parents, Aaron and Joanne and I got together here for a musical afternoon. In various combinations, we played for each other. It all started because I had … Continue reading

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Yesterday I braved the icy roads and went into Halifax to join Aaron and Joanne for brunch. He was born forty-two years ago in New York City. We’ve come a long way since then. He moved here to Nova Scotia … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, World!

Christmas has come and gone, Hanukkah has come and gone, Tamar’s birthday has past (Happy Birthday, Beautiful!), and now it is a new year, 2010, and today, Aaron’s birthday. It’s been one long party: friends, family and lots of painting. … Continue reading

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