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Art on demand

Thursday on Q, Jian Ghomeshi spoke with one of the judges, writer Jerry Saltz, of a new TV show, The Next Great Artist.  The CBC website posed the question: “The Next Great Artist” Reality TV Show: Sign of the Apocalypse? … Continue reading

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What I did at summer camp

The Tai Chi Camp was amazing (but then, that’s what you would expect me to say, right!). We did an hour of qi gong, an hour of Tai Chi, an hour of push-hands three times a day, more or less. … Continue reading

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Love’s labor

Tamar posted on her Facebook site a list of obituaries that have appeared so far and also a photo of herself with her dad when she was about six years old. When I saw it, to my surprise, tears came … Continue reading

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Happy camper!

I’m doing a tai chi camp: this evening,  all day and evening tomorrow and Saturday, and then all day on Sunday. All I can say right now is wow!

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If you want inspiration

Here it is.  Yesterday I went to  a showing of children’s paintings.  A group of neighborhood children have been meeting  in the studio of Beth Matthews, a painter, who lives around the corner from me.  I know most of the … Continue reading

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Looking up

Point Pleasant Park, June 2010, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. A friend of mine is fascinated by clouds. She gets very excited, points out amazing cloud formations I wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t exclaimed their beauty. So yesterday I took … Continue reading

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Over the lake

Sky over the lake, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. DJ left a comment on my last posted photo: She pointed out some textures there that could be inspiration for a painting. Actually, I chose that photo because it reminds me of … Continue reading

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Cleveland Point Beach May, 2010, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

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Into this, a thought, images come and go

It seems like death is a very hard subject for most people. Even if it happens everyday to someone. Death is final. Everything stops. Or does it. . . It all depends on how you think about it. What you … Continue reading

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