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I dream of death with long brown hair

I had a strange dream last night, or rather, early this morning. (I’ve heard those are the most important ones, the dreams you have just before waking in the morning.) In this one, I was dying. And I was watching … Continue reading

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The blues

I was talking to my friend Sean at a party Sunday evening. He’s been an enthusiastic supporter of my work for several years and has a special understanding of it.  I was telling him about my struggles with blue.  He … Continue reading

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What’s in a night’s sleep

It always surprises me how a good night’s sleep can change what I see, how I think. Yesterday I went into my studio expecting not to touch the paintings that had troubled me so much the day before. But one … Continue reading

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Abstract birthday present

A really nice birthday present was a good review in the Halifax newspaper, The Chronicle Herald. Abstract painting has not had strong hold on the current cultural scene here and it’s been quite a while since I had a review … Continue reading

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Birthday thoughts

Last week I celebrated my birthday. It keeps happening. Thankfully. I had a pleasant day: took Lila for a haircut in the morning, a walk in the park in the afternoon, a light supper with Aaron and Joanne and then … Continue reading

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