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On the red road

  “I Knew About It Anyway, no.5”; 46×46, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. Last Saturday, Bruce Campbell, director of the St. Francis Xavier University Art Gallery, picked up the work for my exhibit there. Most of my red paintings, some orange, … Continue reading

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Nocturne in Halifax

A week ago Saturday was the annual Nocturne Art Festival in Halifax. Last year was Joanne’s first day here, a wonderful introduction to the city. This year, the displays seemed even more exciting. The streets were filled with people and … Continue reading

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Home again

  Montclair mansions, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. I’ve been home since Tuesday and am still not sure where I am when I wake up in the morning, what house, whose bed. Coming home is interesting in that way. Then there’s … Continue reading

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What I did on my visit South

These couple of weeks have been an exploration of Montclair. It’s a sweet town with lots of interesting shops. No malls, no big box stores, beautiful houses.  (I’ve taken lots of photos but will have to wait to unload them … Continue reading

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I’m now living with two cats, one black, one white. Generally, I’m not a cat lover.  These are very different. The white one is a good cat, beautiful, affectionate, but nothing like Cocoa. He has a very strong personality, the … Continue reading

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Who lives here

Saturday morning a man knocked on the door and introduced himself as a previous tenant of this house that Tamar and Dan have been renting for the past five years.   This was once a carriage house behind the big … Continue reading

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September was . . .

Full Moon, 22 September 2010, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. A month that went by far too quickly. Does time speed up as you get older? I’ve heard it does. September was the end of swimming in the lake. September was … Continue reading

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