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New camera!

I bought a camera, finally. I did a lot of research, asked every photographer friend, obsessed, and then went to a couple of camera stores. I decided to buy the Lumix LX3. But then, when I took it home, I … Continue reading

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Merce Cunningham is alive and well

As you probably may have heard, Merce Cunningham died Sunday. The best way, in his sleep. He was ninety years old and teaching his dance troupe until just a few months before he died. Danced with Barishnikov on his 80th … Continue reading

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All that jazz

Last week was the Halifax Jazz Concert. I went to two evening performances. The first was the Spontaneous Combustion Orchestra. The second was jazz piano player Oliver Jones.  Very different kinds of music, both really good. The Spontaneous Combustion Orchestra … Continue reading

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The great divide

Today the call-in question on the Maritime Noon radio show (CBC of course) was: “Are you in favor of space exploration?” It seemed nine out of ten callers were male and all of them were in favor of conquering space. … Continue reading

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Love in bloom

I went to Peggy’s Cove for an afternoon this week and didn’t have a camera. I felt like I wasn’t really there. I went to Chester for an afternoon. Was I really there without my camera? I went to Cape … Continue reading

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And then there was Bath

A morning in the spa, an afternoon shooting the breeze.

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From Exeter back to Denmark (Road)

Exeter is another beautiful city. It’s origin is unknown, dating back to pre-Roman times. Remnants of Celtic, Roman and medieval structures are now carefully preserved. With a population of over 100,000, Exeter is located in the Southwest of England. Situated … Continue reading

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Camera chimera

We went to a glass museum in northern Denmark (I do wish I could remember the names of the towns). One of the sculptures was a box made of many mirrors. It had a door to enter through. At first … Continue reading

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Before leaving Denmark

Aaron and I spent our last day in Aarlborg, the third largest city in Denmark.  Joanne had left a couple of days earlier. And then it was off to the U.K. to join Joanne.

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And still more photos of Denmark

The next day, Aaron, Joanne, Thora and I made a tour around the tip of Denmark. The town of Skagen sits where two bodies of water meet. Standing there, one foot can be in warm water and the other cold. … Continue reading

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