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Rethinking: repainting paintings

When the paintings came back from Toronto, I could see very quickly what needed to be done with them. They were paintings that had looked very good to me when I shipped them off. And some still looked good, a … Continue reading

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Some fun photos taken at the opening reception by my friend and professional photographer, Marvin Moore:   It seems I just can’t keep my hands still!  So it’s back to work in my studio, for sure.

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Four years and two days

Tuesday, November 10 was Lila’a birthday. We went to Point Pleasant Park to play ball, fetch sticks, meet up with other dogs. Then last night I dreamed I was throwing the ball for her and one last time–it landed in … Continue reading

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This morning, while working in my studio, I was listening to the CBC coverage of Remembrance Day.  For some reason, I’m not quite sure why, it affected me more strongly this year.  I started thinking about my Uncle Harold who … Continue reading

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One more from the show

The scupture is by Brad Hall from Annapolis Royal.  It’s really strong work.

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Exhibition report

Friday evening was good, exciting. I walked into the gallery, put my coat in the back room, went into the entry space and couldn’t move from there for an hour and a half. There was a constant stream of people, … Continue reading

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Meaning what

Since the invitations for my upcoming exhibit went out, I have had a few exchanges around the title:  There Is No Hidden Meaning Here. One friend and  former student wrote me asking:  “I am curious about the title.  Are you … Continue reading

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There is no hidden meaning here

Meanwhile, between having lovely housemates for a couple of weeks, enjoying their company and helping them find a place to live, I’ve been preparing for an exhibit opening this Friday, 6 November, at the Secord Gallery in Halifax.   The … Continue reading

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The airport has hearts

Yoko just sent me the photos she took of Aaron, Joanne and me at the airport. That was a happy day!  Since then, two weeks ago, Aaron and Joanne have found an apartment in Halifax and moved in Saturday.  That … Continue reading

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