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Two at a time (almost)

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Wedding Bells

P1040085, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. I went to a wedding Saturday night. A memorable one. It was relaxed, playful, genuine; just what a wedding should be. My favorite part was when saying her vows, after the usual love, trust, compassion, … Continue reading

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For those days

        Sometimes I just don’t feel like going into my studio. Especially when I have been working steadily for a while, it just feels like too much. I’ve been lucky for the past few months. I’ve had … Continue reading

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On the edge, continually

Prospect Bay, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. I’ve entered a new stage in my work: when something needs ‘redoing“, is dull or faded, needs some spice, instead of painting into it as it is, I do an entirely new idea on … Continue reading

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Pix by Carla

Carla, a friend from my tai chi class, took these photos. She and her partner, Dave, do portrait photography when they aren’t doing other things such as office work or music. I needed some photos for promotional use, didn’t have … Continue reading

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Charmed and charming

My granddaughter is five and a half months old. When she was four months, she went to Bermuda (with her mom) for five days. Last weekend she went to Muskoka to celebrate (with her parents) the wedding of a friend. … Continue reading

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The sky dreams

Sky over the lake, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. It’s partway through July already; summer is speeding by. It’s funny how time moves much faster the older you get. I remember how long summer was when I was a young girl. … Continue reading

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