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One of my constant obsessions has been thinking about what makes something beautiful. People tell me my dog is beautiful. He’s just a puppy still, but he magnetizes other beings, all ages, sizes, species. He has a dignity in how … Continue reading

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What’s the story

Here I am trying to explain the unexplainable. Not easy but interesting to try. Abstract art is non-verbal communication, not about words. So how does one interpret an abstract painting much less paint one. Where does one start, anyway. One … Continue reading

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Interview for ArtsHalifax

This interview of me talking about my work is short, well done, beautifully edited and to the point.  Mary Ann Archibald did it recently for an on-line magazine she has about the arts in Halifax. Do check this one out: http://artshalifax.com/studio-interview-with-leya-evelyn/

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I’d rather be painting

The Indigo Girls were on “Q” the other day. They’ve been making music together for more than twenty-five years. In that business, apparently that’s a long time for a group to stay together. I guess because I work alone, that … Continue reading

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