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P1040769, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. Sunday morning, Michael Enright, on the Sunday Edition (one of my favorite programs! favorite moderator) interviewed Petula Clark. At 82 she is one of the most impressive women. Besides having a clear, strong singing voice … Continue reading

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There’s Been a Terrible Mistake

Last week was the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax. The highlight for me was a short (forty minute) film, There’s Been a Terrible Mistake, portraying a comedic look at grief. And yes, it is a comedy about grief and it … Continue reading

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If there is nothing wrong, does that mean it’s all right?

Last Wednesday afternoon, my friend, Danuta, invited me to watch a movie with her. We pulled the blinds and sat on her comfortable sofa mid-day, feeling very decadent. Sometimes, when my children were little, I’d hire a sitter and check … Continue reading

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All Saints

Yoko and I did our usual Halloween act: went out to dinner and a movie. This time Aaron and Joanne joined us. It was the best ever Halloween.  We saw Woody Allen’s new film, You Will Meet a Tall Dark … Continue reading

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I went to see The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus yesterday.  The theme of the movie is, as the title suggests, the importance of imagination, its role in how you think and live.  It begins with a fetching idea: of storytelling … Continue reading

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The airport has hearts

Yoko just sent me the photos she took of Aaron, Joanne and me at the airport. That was a happy day!  Since then, two weeks ago, Aaron and Joanne have found an apartment in Halifax and moved in Saturday.  That … Continue reading

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Picking up the pieces

I saw The Gleaners and I, a documentary film by Agnes Varda, earlier this week. Two years after the movie was made, Varga did a followup. One of the men from the original film, a man who was probably not … Continue reading

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