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Returning to Ulysses

I’ve tried to read James Joyce’s Ulysses several times. The last time I managed to get halfway through. But I don’t think I understood much of it. Now I have another, better opportunity to read the book. My friend, Sean … Continue reading

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Mr. Roth according to Mr. Roth

IMG_3821, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. A few days ago, I went over to my friend, Danuta’s, to watch a documentary on Philip Roth. She had taped it, knowing how much I like his writings. She had also given me his … Continue reading

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The view from here

This morning I woke up thinking I love my life. With the sun streaming in my big windows overlooking the lake, I had to put sunglasses on to eat breakfast, or move to a different side of the table. I … Continue reading

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I must have a thousand photos of sunrise over the lake

P1040477, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. Three days past Tuesday and I still have rubber legs. Still need to cover my right eye most of the time. We have had such glorious sunny fall days lately, I’ve been taking to wearing … Continue reading

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Travel news

I can’t believe this!  I wrote a long entry, pressed the wrong button and now it’s gone!  Guess I just have to try again! It was about an enjoyable encounter I had at the airport.  While waiting to go through … Continue reading

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Only hearts are real

When I came out of my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM in contemporary lingo) class on Lower Water Street last Saturday, my car had some graffiti carved into the heavy winter dirt that has been accumulating–hearts and smiley faces all over … Continue reading

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The year of reading dangerously

I read a lot of good books last year, 2009.  I tried to write them down but think I missed a few.  Nevertheless, I’ll tell you about some of them. Gil Adamson: The Outlander. This was a bit too outrageous … Continue reading

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I dream of death with long brown hair

I had a strange dream last night, or rather, early this morning. (I’ve heard those are the most important ones, the dreams you have just before waking in the morning.) In this one, I was dying. And I was watching … Continue reading

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The Great Man

A friend lent me a book saying she kept thinking of me while she read it. My first impression of the book was it was lightweight, easily written, not much depth. But as I continued to read, I understood what … Continue reading

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The art of music; the music of art

Yesterday Sonny Rollins, the great jazz sax musician, was interviewed on Q (CBC radio of course). He talked a lot about his connection to the audience. As he put it, the audience gives you their hopes and fears and you … Continue reading

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