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Memories of a rock concert

    When I was nine months pregnant with my second child, living in Manhattan, just before Christmas in 1967, I went to a concert by a favourite underground rock group called The Fugs. The band was formed in 1964 … Continue reading

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Hamilton and me

After eight packed days in Ottawa, I came here to NYC for some rest and entertainment. Last night I went to see a Broadway play: Hamilton. It is pertinent, a message for today. And it is fun, good music, great … Continue reading

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“A beautiful trip”

Yesterday (or maybe the day before, all days running into each other recently) I heard an awesome interview on q (CBC radio arts program) by Tom Power with Sonny Rollins. First, I love jazz and love listening to jazz musicians … Continue reading

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When I was in NYC recently, my grandson, who is an extremely accomplished musician and composer, was asked if he worked with a plan in mind. His answer was the same as my way of working: he/we just start and … Continue reading

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The necessity of art

Yesterday morning, Steve Reich was talking about his music on CBC radio program q.  One powerful comment he made, loosely quoted, was that you, as the maker, need to be sure you have that emotional investment in what you do or … Continue reading

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Hanging out with an old friend

IMG_4022, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. When my children were young, I would often play the piano for hours. Mostly Mozart. I used to say Mozart was my best friend. We certainly spent a lot of time together. Last night I … Continue reading

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A night on the town

IMG_3939, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. Last Saturday evening I went to see Jenn Grant sing with her new group, Aqua Alta, at the Marquee Ballroom in Halifax. I haven’t been going out much at night lately. Partly the weather–cold/ice/snow–partly because … Continue reading

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A long day, really

IMG_3354, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn. Yesterday Jo came by at 6:30 am to pick out the work for the exhibit at her gallery, opening Sunday. It took a couple of hours sorting through and making decisions and then loading up … Continue reading

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Grand Piano Passion

Nancy M. Williams, an award-winning writer and ardent amateur pianist, is the founding editor of the online magazine, Grand Piano Passion.  The magazine is for all pianists and lovers of classical piano music.  She used my painting, Divine Fragments & … Continue reading

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“If you cannot be enlightened, pretend to be someone who is enlightened, and then behave like they would.”

I found a great video of an inspirational commencement speech on Rachel Pink’s blog.  It’s great.  The speaker, Neil Gaiman, not only writes novels and stories, makes film, comic books, writes children’s books, but he also speaks brilliantly about How … Continue reading

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