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Long ideas

I started work on a big project: two 3’ x 10’ paintings. It’s a shape I would never have imagined myself using. But a friend was selling the stretchers and I couldn’t resist the challenge. And it is a challenge. … Continue reading

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Constructing composition

Last week when I was walking in the woods with a neighbor and our dogs, I mentioned that I had been awake part of the night planning the exercise I was going to use in my painting class that morning. … Continue reading

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At ten months, Romeo is a beauty. My opinion!  

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Under the bed

Impossible Possibilities, no.9; 42″ x 42″ Recently I was visiting a friend who has a couple of my paintings in his living room. As we sat talking, I realized one of the pieces, although created a couple of years ago, … Continue reading

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What’s the story

Here I am trying to explain the unexplainable. Not easy but interesting to try. Abstract art is non-verbal communication, not about words. So how does one interpret an abstract painting much less paint one. Where does one start, anyway. One … Continue reading

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The year before, the year after

Thinking about thinking back on the year that was and thinking ahead to the year to be, I received an email this morning from someone who quoted a post I had made on a short-lived blog I had on Live … Continue reading

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