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Well . . .

Recently a friend who knows more than me about the business of art told me I would sell more paintings if I raised my prices. He meant, I think, that collectors like to be proud of paying a lot of … Continue reading

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What he had to say

Another challenge I have been thinking about lately is when to stop on a canvas. I usually keep going and going and going, making big and small changes constantly, sometimes over periods of years, sometimes just days. But sometimes I … Continue reading

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I dream of death with long brown hair

I had a strange dream last night, or rather, early this morning. (I’ve heard those are the most important ones, the dreams you have just before waking in the morning.) In this one, I was dying. And I was watching … Continue reading

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Four years and two days

Tuesday, November 10 was Lila’a birthday. We went to Point Pleasant Park to play ball, fetch sticks, meet up with other dogs. Then last night I dreamed I was throwing the ball for her and one last time–it landed in … Continue reading

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I’m having visons of no return

After trying so hard to make my paintings be like the small (3″ x 5″) black and white pieces I did last winter, I finally gave up. Then, to my surprise, once I stopped trying, it happened. That same energy … Continue reading

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A message from India

I had a strange dream early this morning, about a friend, a man I know only slightly, an artist whose work I admire very much. I was in India, somewhere out in the countryside. I’ve never been to India, mind … Continue reading

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