Synchronized possibilities

It may be time to resurface, think about things other than when I can get back into my studio, what needs more work, what works, how to solve those inevitable, nagging possibilities.  I’ve been painting with an intensity that’s been building on itself.  Now I want to stop, take a break, even for a week would be good.

I’m having photographs taken Tuesday morning.  Phil, the gallery owner, is picking up the work after that.  The opening reception is Friday.  What I want most now is to clean out my closets, discard unused and unusable items, mend and sew, cook and play.  Just be a normal quiet person.

Well . . . not very likely, but an appealing idea anyway.


About leyaevelyn

About thirty years ago, I moved from New York City to rural Nova Scotia. For an artist, it is a good place to live. Spacious and quiet. Despite the beautiful scenery and frequently grey skies, my abstract paintings focus on color, its expressive qualities and how it creates form and space.
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