On the edge, continually

Prospect Bay, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

I’ve entered a new stage in my work: when something needs ‘redoing“, is dull or faded, needs some spice, instead of painting into it as it is, I do an entirely new idea on top, keeping what didn’t quite work. It works! And it is more exciting than just trying to make something ”better“.

It is also a bit like jumping off a cliff, don’t know where I will land, especially when something is good but not great and just needs a little tweaking. But then, it is never okay to settle for good when it could be great. Even if it doesn’t become great, at least I try.

About leyaevelyn

About thirty years ago, I moved from New York City to rural Nova Scotia. For an artist, it is a good place to live. Spacious and quiet. Despite the beautiful scenery and frequently grey skies, my abstract paintings focus on color, its expressive qualities and how it creates form and space.
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