Welcome the light

IMG_1675, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Steve, who takes photos of my work, has consistently insisted I needed better light in my studio. Every time he comes over, I see the paintings in a new light, one that is much better than the halogen floods I’ve used to paint with. A couple of weeks ago, I splurged. I bought one track of LED floodlights. It was, indeed, a shock. I can now see what I am doing. The LED floods are unforgiving. I can’t get away with muddy without purpose. Muddy can be interesting as a foil to clarity. But without the clarity, it’s just muddy.

So now, just past the winter solstice, light is coming into my work as well as the days. In fact, I’m finding it easier to paint in lighter colors with high contrasting lines and “Imagery”. It is the high contrast, the drama, I’m enjoying so much. Steve comes to take photos this Thursday morning. It will be interesting to see what his lights do to my work this time.


About leyaevelyn

About thirty years ago, I moved from New York City to rural Nova Scotia. For an artist, it is a good place to live. Spacious and quiet. Despite the beautiful scenery and frequently grey skies, my abstract paintings focus on color, its expressive qualities and how it creates form and space.
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2 Responses to Welcome the light

  1. DJ says:

    Thanks for the advice. Have you any experience with Ott lights? I’ve heard good things, but LED sounds even better.

  2. Leya says:

    I’ve never used Ott lights. They sound good. I’ll check them out.

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