What I did on my summer vacation

Sailing on the Arm, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

The week with Tamar and Damian here has come and gone so quickly, just a blink in the sun. And we did have a few sunny days. Although it has been cold and raining since they left.

We went to Bayswater Beach, for a Ghost Walk Tour around downtown Halifax, for a walk through the woods by the brook here, to the new Farmers’ Market, a swim here in the lake, visits with Joanne and Aaron and also a sail around the Halifax Harbour in a friend’s boat. Tamar even learned how to man the sail.

it is painfully quiet now they are gone. I’ve been cleaning up, putting things in order and eager to get back to my studio. Tomorrow.


About leyaevelyn

About thirty years ago, I moved from New York City to rural Nova Scotia. For an artist, it is a good place to live. Spacious and quiet. Despite the beautiful scenery and frequently grey skies, my abstract paintings focus on color, its expressive qualities and how it creates form and space.
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