Princesses come and go

As I was driving into Halifax this morning (to turn in my contract and other school business: yes, I will be teaching a figure drawing course at NSCAD in the fall and I am very happy about it!! I have missed the kids a lot!), I heard Jian Ghomeshi interview Carrie Fisher on Q.  As she was talking about how she was, for many years, always Princes Leia, never Carrie Fisher, I was choking up with tears.

It was only much later I realized, although they are spelled differently, our names are pronounced the same.  And I don’t want to be invisible either.  Maybe that’s why making a painting gives me so much satisfaction.


About leyaevelyn

About thirty years ago, I moved from New York City to rural Nova Scotia. For an artist, it is a good place to live. Spacious and quiet. Despite the beautiful scenery and frequently grey skies, my abstract paintings focus on color, its expressive qualities and how it creates form and space.
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